Doing wrong things righter – and other traps in primary care

19th October 2022 – 12.45 – 13.45pm

Doing wrong things righter – and other traps in primary care.

We welcomed Jamie Hayes, Director of the Welsh Medicines Resource Centre and Executive Coach.

Not enough time to do thorough job? Are you seduced by your clinical workload? Do you treat all demand as work?

These are traps that can be overwhelming, stealing your time and your energy. By taking systems view and learning how to listen to, identify and analyse the demand faced by you and your teams, there is an opportunity for you to be more effective.

By identifying value demand and removing failure demand you and your teams can concentrate on what matters, making work more rewarding, energising and impactful. The importance of focusing our time, effort and energy on providing the most professional value is crucial during these times of high staff vacancies and low staff morale.

For this session Jamie explored the application of systems thinking, organisational health, and the efficiency-thoroughness trade off.

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