Past monthly webinar preview slides

Below you will find a selection of preview slides from our past monthly webinars.

June 2020 – Teams – challenges, dynamics and performance – how to influence your clinical colleagues

July 2020 – EPACT2 as risk stratification tool for SMRs – Long term condition reviews & SMR DES

August 2020 – Asthma care post COVID-19 and “SMASH” – The Salford medication safety dashboard

September 2020 – Structured Medication Reviews

October 2020 – Diabetes and the SPS Pharmacy Integration Project

November 2020 – Caring for patients with COPD during COVID-19 & Clinical competency / indemnity insurance focus

December 2020 – Mental Health focus / The power of collaborative working

January 2021 – English Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) in February 2021 / SMR case study

February 2021 – Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship / PrescQIPP Hot Topic: NHSE Steroid Emergency Card

March 2021 – Long Term Condition Support / Focus on Best Practice / SMR case study

April 2021 – AF and Anticoagulation – new NICE guidance / The new NHS Integrated Care System model

May 2021 – NICE Chronic Pain guidance / How to overcome your own barriers to change

June 2021 – Acute Coronary Syndromes – new NICE guidance / IMPACT

July 2021 – Mental Health update : The STOMP agenda in relation to SMRs / SMR case study

August 2021 – NICE guidance on shared decision-making

September 2021 – NHSBSA Polypharmacy Indicators and changing attitudes to Deprescribing

October 2021 – Integrating Medicines Safety Improvement

November 2021 – Diabetes Update

December 2021 – PrescQIPP Award winners

January 2022 – Antimicrobial Stewardship update

February 2022 – Dealing with chronic pain in SMRs

March 2022 – Electronic Structured Medication Review (SMR) Templates

April 2022 – Caring for a patient with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) 

May 2022 – Population Health Management: How can it help you with planning SMRs?

June 2022 – Inhaler Carbon Footprint and Asthma

July 2022 – Behavioural science applied to implementing deprescribing

August 2022 – Hypertension management across your locality

September 2022 – Managing Analgesic Reviews in people without capacity / NICE guidance on dependence forming medicines (DFM)

October 2022 – Doing wrong things righter – and other traps in primary care

November 2022 – Taming the structured medication review! A multidisciplinary approach to polypharmacy 

December 2022 – PrescQIPP Annual Award projects relevant to primary care

January 2023 – Appropriate prescribing of antipsychotic medication in dementia

February 2023 – ACBS listed nutrition products – we can think about them as basically the same can’t we

March 2023 – TAILOR project: Deprescribing medicines in older people living with multimorbidity and polypharmacy

April 2023 – Pharmacy Technicians in Primary Care

Next Webinar - Monthly webinar

24th May 2023 - 12.45 – 13.45pm

SMRs in patients with active Cancer

Emma Foreman is a Consultant Pharmacist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and a newly appointed Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. She will help us to consider how best to perform medication reviews empathetically in people with active malignancies, always a tricky subject.